• easy ways to go green

    Going For Green, Step By Step!

    Prompted by recent acquisition of a Brita water filter jug and watching the latest War On Waste TV programme, I am inspired to look for other small easy steps that I can…

  • Memory

    Where Are My Keys?? Part 2

    Welcome to Where Are My Keys Part 2.  Following on from Part 1, this week you will find more Really Useful tips to help improve our memory or at least not forget…

  • memory

    Where Are My Keys? Part 1

    Where are my keys? Where is my phone? Where are my glasses? Every day, how many times do you ask yourself these questions or questions very similar? Memory, or lack of it,…

  • Fruit Infused Water

    Refreshing Fruity Goodness!

    In the continuing quest to reduce the amount of sugar I consume and whilst looking for something yummy to drink (apart from Prosecco!) I am now loving fruit infused water also known…

  • Coconut Oil for Dogs

    Coconuts & Canines

    My littlest boy Pepe, recently had his annual health check up that comes along when it’s vaccination time.  This year, his teeth, shall we say, failed! Pepe does not like to chew,…

  • White Vinegar

    Vinegar – Not Just For Chips!

    As promised in my last blog, Easy Peasy Spring Cleaning, all things vinegar and cleaning related is next up.  I discovered so much can be done with natural things that you will…

  • Spring Cleaning

    Easy Peasy Spring Cleaning!

    Spring has sprung! Well, in the northern hemisphere it has. Although I think a few places are less than spring like at the moment.  Snow in April in the North West of…

  • Fish

    Time To Go Fishing!

    I haven’t written a pet post for a while now so I thought it was about time to remedy that.  The reason behind this little musing is that this week Pepe and…