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Going For Green, Step By Step!

Prompted by recent acquisition of a Brita water filter jug and watching the latest War On Waste TV programme, I am inspired to look for other small easy steps that I can take to becoming more environmentally conscious in my daily life.  I also recently saw the photograph below of a river estuary in The Philippines.

It was that photograph that sewed the seed of thinking more carefully about the world we live in. Plastic is a huge global problem.  If everyone made just one or two little changes to their daily lives all those little changes add up to a huge change. Not just with plastics but with all the other resources we take for granted every day.

Seeing this photograph prompted me to stop and think, we cannot go on like this, we have to change

Seeing this photograph prompted me to stop and think, we cannot go on like this, we have to change

In the UK a 5p charge is now levied on all plastic carrier bags.  This has resulted in an 85% reduction in the number of plastic bags in less than a year.  That’s an excellent start! I am not going to list lots of other facts and figures here as we are all aware of the problems we are creating for ourselves and our future generations. We can all do little things that can make a huge difference and not just with plastics.

easy ways to go green

This is how we would all like to see our oceans. Clean and clear!

Here is a list of 20 small and very easy steps that we can all challenge ourselves to do! Why not challenge yourself to do all or start to implement all of them over one month.

  1. Buy a water filter jug instead of bottled water – well that had to be number one of course as I just did that!
  2. Get a reusable BPA chemical free water bottle to use whilst you are out and about. You can find these My little Amazon Shop this week!
  3. Invest in a reusable coffee cup for your takeaway hot and cold drinks
  4. Don’t take a wooden stirrer at the coffee shop, ask for a spoon, even for your takeaway, then just give it back – I do!
  5. Take only 1 or 2 napkins at the coffee shop instead of a handful
  6. When you to need to replace your plastic food storage boxes switch to glass ones that have recyclable polypropylene lids
  7. Use a reusable lunch box instead of single use sandwich bags
  8. Turn off the tap whilst cleaning your teeth
  9. Try using a cold wash for clothes that are not very dirty.  I have started to do this and find it works just as well as a 30c wash
  10. Turn down the shower temperature by just a little, set a time goal and install an aerating shower head as they use a lot less water. Cooler water is better for your skin and hair too
  11. Use biodegradable clean up bags for your pet – A shameless plug here but my new online pet store launching in 2 weeks will be stocking 2 different brands of these!
  12. Use a lavender bag or a cloth sprinkled with your favourite essential oil in your dryer instead of tumble dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are packed full of  harsh chemicals and most are not biodegradable
  13. There are a number of brands that now make nail polish without the harmful chemicals dibutyl phthalate, toluene and formaldehyde. Butter London, Zoya & Essie are all free of these three chemicals.
  14. Take up the paperless option wherever possible for banking, tickets, bills and invoices.  If the only option is paper why not photograph it and store it via a secure online cloud such as Shoebox App. This app gives you unlimited cloud storage.  Then, recycle the paper! This also cuts down on clutter in your home
  15. Read newspapers and magazines online instead of taking the paper option
  16. Take paper out of your kitchen.  Use fabric napkins and cleaning cloths. Here is my second shameless plug, I can make you a set of 5 dishcloths from organic cotton and a special knitting stitch that you can use in the kitchen or bathroom. They will last more than 2 years even with constant washing! My current ones are currently 26 months old and still going strong!
  17. Keep a fold up shopping bag in the car or in your bag.  Even if the shop offers you a paper bag you can use your shopping bag instead
  18. Try taking 1 or 2 meat free days per week.  Meat production takes massively more water per kg than wheat production and then we have the methane production from cattle
  19. Look to buy organic cotton when shopping for clothes
  20. Microbeads are the things you find in exfoliating soaps, face and body washes.  Millions of tonnes of these are ending up in the oceans and into marine life.  Try using coffee and sugar instead
Plastic is a huge global problem. If everyone made just one or two little changes to their daily lives all those little changes add up to a huge change. Click To Tweet

One Of The Easy Steps!!

This is the recipe for Homemade Body Scrub that my Offspring has been using for a few years and she loves it!

2/5 any filter coffee

2/5 sugar

1/5 coconut oil (you could use a natural baby oil instead)

Mix all the ingredients together and store in an sealed jar, it keeps forever!

easy steps to go green

Homemade organic cotton kitchen cloths that we use instead of paper towels. I can make these in many many different colours to match any colour scheme! Click To Tweet

easy ways to go green If you would like to see even more small and easy steps you can make plus more recipes for homemade body scrubs you can check my Really Useful Pinterest Board.

If it’s all or just one change that we all make every single one makes a difference. Every journey starts with the first step.  Which will you take first, I would love to know. Do you have any little and easy steps that you can share with us?

Don’t forget to check out this weeks Dreaming Of page for an insight into a very interesting glass water bottle system!

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