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Brand New Blog & It’s Here!!!

So! My Brand New Blog! It’s finally here. Eeeeeeek! SURPRISED YOU!!! Trumpets & a drum roll if you please………………..Blog Post número uno from – Really Useful Girl. Day 1 of my new career – me, Julie, the blogger or, my preferred title – Writer. How cool does that sound -” And Julie, so tell me, what do you do” “Well, actually I’m a Writer, thank you for asking” Squeeeeeeeeeeeeel!

But what Usefulness to write/ramble/divulge/explain/laugh about first? Oh crumbs – now there’s a thing. It’s taken so long to get to this point, many hours of brain ache inducing studying, reading words and not understanding a dickie bird of what I read. The hours spent fighting with a new Mac Book pro that is slowly slowly becoming my friend after a rocky start (thank goodness for my trusty, non argumentative iPad) but I have lots of plans running around in my little brain so it’s just a question of getting them onto a screen!


My Brand New Blog


The excuse for the acquisition of beautiful stationery has been a high point in this creative process. Who doesn’t love a perfectly crisp new notebook, a box of monogrammed pencils & a set of coloured pens? I swear I could write pages & pages on the merits of good stationery & to be honest, I probably will. I am finding the trusty old pen and paper method a welcome alternative to staring at a screen.  One of my missions is to bring you useful information on how to make the best of your screen time without straining eyes, necks, tempers and the like.


Brand new blog new stationery 

But What about Pepeloves?

And yes, I know this is not what you were expecting. But have no fear, Pepeloves is still there – the knitting is definitely not going anywhere. I am still going to be creating lovely little things for all the special little people in your worlds and you can see what’s under way via my Facebook page and you can contact me through here or the Facebook page.

My Brand New Blog


To everyone who has chipped in with help along the way, THANK YOU. A special shout to Mark at DZN-Studio for getting me started with the technical stuff (boy, has THAT been a steep learning curve!).  If anyone needs some great design work and IT support Mark is your guy.

So, I have I introduced my brand new blog to you a little and been really quite useless today, worry not, I shall be back to you in a couple of days when I have put the final little tweaks to the first Really Useful post for you my friends (a little clue in the ‘coming soon box’).  In the meantime you can keep up with how I’m doing by joining me on Facebook. Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest – I made the buttons shiny & extra gorgeous so you won’t be able to resist clicking them. Go Click clickety click away! Do you think I should join any more? Any suggestions?


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