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Is Your Wardrobe Fully Functional?

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Remember a few weeks ago I shared with you ideas for Decluttering and regaining your space? I warned you that we would be tackling decluttering our wardrobe soon, well now is the time.  Its time to change our seasonal attire with some of us going into summer and some of us going into winter. This is a great opportunity to declutter our wardrobes and head into the new season with a fresh take on what we have in our cupboards.

Decluttering tips

My wardrobe has been fairly chaotic for a few years.  I have moved house too many times and lived in different countries for different seasons (Wet Springs in Switzerland I am looking at you!).  I recently spent 3 years in the British countryside (quite a challenge as I’m not a natural country bumpkin!).   I lived in the same 2 pairs of casual trousers, 4 sweaters and a large selection of scarves all year round the whole time I was there (guess where that little lot plus the wellies finished up!).  I have recently returned to live in a hot dry climate where the need for a large wardrobe is simply non existent especially during the summer months.

When and How?

Decluttering Tips

There are many, varied and wide ranging ideas on decluttering a wardrobe and to be honest theres no need for it be be daunting in the slightest.  It’s really simple, you either want to do it or you don’t.  Don’t do it if your heart is not in it, leave it for another day.

So, the day your head and heart are ready for the challenge here are my favourite tips to help you along the way. There is no definitive way to go about it, take a few of these decluttering tips or take them all.

  • You could use the same method we used in previous De-clutter article – ‘the 5 boxes method’
  • You could use the ‘have I worn it in the last 12 months’ No, so out it goes
  • You could use the ‘If I saw this in a shop now would I buy it?’ No, then out it goes
  • You could use the ‘Does it fit or, and be honest, is it ever going to’ No, say goodbye to it
  • Is it damaged, in need of repair? ‘Are you going to get that done?’ No, so away it goes

I had to sort my wardrobe upon my return to this hot dry climate. It was an absolute must, 90% of my clothes had been crushed up and crammed into storage for over 3 years.  Once I weeded out the damaged, stained and non fitting clothes I decided to go with my very favourite strategy,  ‘reverse those hangers’.  Turn the hangers of your current seasons clothes backwards.  Once you wear something you can turn the hanger back the other way.  You can apply this to drawers and shelves too.  Refill an empty shelf or drawer with clothes once you have worn something.  Keep this going for the whole season.  If there is anything still left on a backwards facing hanger, on the shelf or in the drawer at the change of season, out it goes.  This is a Really Useful way to see which of your clothes you do actually wear.  I have just started this with my summer clothes and will update you later in the year on how that has worked out for me.

Decluttering tips

Put your hangers backwards like this

Decluttering tips

I love these golden metal hangers from Zara Home. How smart my wardrobe would look full of these!

You can find Golden Metal Hangers HERE

Try A Different Approach

You could take this opportunity to rethink how you organise your wardrobe.  Trying a different approach to how you keep your clothes could give you a different perspective on many items you have. Rather than organising clothes by colour, try organising them by style instead or vice versa. You’ll be surprised at how you’ll take a different view on many items.  This is one I have done in my recent declutter/reorganisation.  I moved from organising by colour to organising by styles.  I have also taken my sweaters and warmer clothes off hangers and folded them to keep them in better shape. Sweaters don’t do well hung up for long periods of time. I learnt this lesson the hard way (goodbye out of shape favourite cardigan). Folding my sweaters has also given me more hanging space (remember we do small space living) and shown me that I probably have way too many sweaters for this climate, even for winter.

Decluttering tips

Sweater keep their shape so much better if they are folded rather than hung up

Want to take your wardrobe decluttering to an extreme? In the 1970’s Susie Faux, owner of Wardrobe Boutique in London originated the concept of The Capsule Wardrobe. A carefully curated collection of clothes designed to work for all occasions.  The concept of The Capsule Wardrobe is enjoying somewhat of a revival currently with many people looking to simplify life. I am positive a capsule wardrobe of around 30 pieces per season would work for me given my lifestyle and the climate I live in. It’s on my To Do list but not for this year.  I don’t know anyone with a fully operational capsule wardrobe. If that is you please share how you achieved it and how it works for you I would love to know.

Decluttering tips

This is my idea of a gorgeous capsule wardrobe

Now you have your newly decluttered wardrobe and everything in it is beautifully organised how about some extra little finishing touches to keep our clothes in tip top shape.  Here are some nice ideas

Decluttering tips

Hang a bunch of chalk to create a pretty dehumidifier to keep dampness away. A great idea from Martha Stewart.

Decluttering tips

Lavender filled hanger covers. Lovely idea from Organising L.A

Decluttering tips

Cedar is a natural repellant for moths so these are great to protect your clothes especially your cashmere

You can find Lavender Hanger covers HERE

You can find Cedar Hanger Tags HERE

Decluttering our wardrobe is not about changing or planning a new style. It’s about creating a clear view of what you currently have and more importantly what you currently wear.  It’s about simplifying life,  taking the stress out of getting dressed every morning, knowing what you have and that it is all wearable. If a style update or make over is on your agenda your decluttered well organised wardrobe is a great starting point.

If you take on a wardrobe declutter or are thinking about it, share your progress and results with us, we’d love to hear how you got on!




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