Flaska Glass Water Bottle

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Just by chance, whilst I was writing this weeks Going For Green, Step By Step blog I came across a Facebook post for my local health shop, Herbolario Arnica Tenerife.  A glass reusable water bottle complete with protective cover.  It’s called Flaska.  My interest was sparked! I do already have a bkr glass bottle which I love but I am always open to new things plus my bkr is not really big enough for mine and my friends epic 2 hour gym classes.

I went along to Herbolario Arnica to check out this new bottle.  It looks really smart, comes in various sizes and has lots of design variations. You can personalise it, it comes in pink with crystals (I’m in!!).  The shop owner took the glass bottle out out of its cover and showed me the bottle design, it looks good.  The top is secured by a plug in stopper, not a screw top but it looks like it is secure and won’t leak.  I took the information leaflet ready to translate it from Spanish.

Flaska Glass Water Bottle


All very interesting.  Then I came home and looked it up online at the Flaska website which is very comprehensive, clear, well laid out and in English (many other languages available too!).  I got as far as the Structured Water page before I was totally blinded by the science.  So, me being me, two and a half hours of research into Structured Water followed.  Confused.com is now my middle name!

There are two distinct schools of thought on Structured Water. The first, it’s the best thing since sliced bread! Second, it’s total and utter quackery! There is no middle ground. So who and what to believe?? Hmmmmm, no idea!

Flaska Glass Water Bottle

However, Flaska is a stylish Italian glass bottle with a choice of sizes and protective covers (one of which is organic cotton). The largest style is designed to use on your dinner table and is equally stylish.  In short, it is a great looking product, eco friendly and I would certainly buy one.  My jury is out on the Structured Water theory and until I can try it for myself I will be open minded on it’s claims but I will be trying it.

Flaska Glass Water Bottle

This is the large lead free crystal design for use at home.

There is even a pet bowl version.  But I am saving that one for my Pepeloves pet blog.

If you would like to try this Flaska Bottle you can find it

here & here



Following on the theme of this weeks blog – all things fridge and food related I have been looking at fridge freezers. How exciting! Not! But, you would be mistaken to think that style and design do not go hand in hand with a boring kitchen appliance such as a fridge! Meet the new fridge of my dreams – Gorenje by Philippe Starck.

Philipe Starck is one of my favourite designers (think THAT kettle!) and now he has teamed with Gorenje to produce a complete kitchen appliance range.

Fruit and Vegetables

These appliances are packed with the latest technology and combined with superb design they would make any kitchen look and perform fabulously! For example the fridge freezer comes with “AdaptTech”

Fruit and Vegetables

“This smart system was devised to maintain the optimum temperature in the refrigerator regardless of how frequently you open the door. When the door is opened, the temperature suddenly rises and the food is exposed to a thermal shock which in turn causes it to perish sooner. The refrigerator continuously monitors and analyzes the way you use it. Thus, it can predict when you will open the fridge door and just before you do, it decreases the temperature by 1 or 2 °C to make sure constant temperature is maintained and that the food stays fresh and full of nutrients.”

Fruit and Vegetables

You Can Find These Brilliant Appliances Here

Tea! How do you drink it?? In a mug? In a china cup and saucer? At this moment I am dreaming of these beautiful ceramic teapots by Miss Etoile.  I cannot list all the choices here as there are so many.  Lots of coordinating teapots, cups, saucers and everything you need to create a fabulous contemporary tea service with a twist.

“The ranges are always coloured with soft pastels that are combined with the black lines and shapes Miss Etoile are renowned for giving it their unique, and stylish, look. The products are affordable, functional and inspired by French, Art deco and other elegant and feminine influences.”





“The Miss Etoile Tall Eyes and Dots Ceramic Teapot features the Eye design that is unique to Miss Etoile and has now become synonymous with them and recognised around the world. The eyes are relaxed, almost happy, in their closed state and, softened by eyelashes to die for, they are guaranteed to enhance any room in your home.”



You Can Find Miss Etoile Here & Here


Happy New Year and welcome to Dreaming Of 2016.  This year I will continue to bring you lots of lovely goodies to dream of each week.  This week I am dreaming of a lipstick.  Not just any lipstick, this is a lipstick by Christian Louboutin.  These lipsticks are little works of art.  There a 3 different textures available and each comes in a beautiful case.  I like a sheer, glossy style of lipstick so the Sheer Voile collection would be my choice.  Currently I am a fan of red lipstick so this Rouge Louboutin is at the top of my dreaming of list.  Two other textures are available, Velvet Matte and Silky Satin and there are lots of lovely colours to choose from.

Dreaming Of

Dreaming Of

You Can Find These Amazing Lipsticks Here & Here


I have been making our travel plans this week, we are returning to the warmer climate in a few weeks.  So at the top of my Christmas wish list is this gorgeous travel set by Ralph Lauren.  What could be a more perfect choice for that hard to buy for person you know than a luxury cashmere travel set.  This one comes in a super range of colours perfect for girls, guys, young and old. It’s a timeless classic that could see you as one of the most stylish travellers on any type of transport whether that be plane, train or automobile. There’s red, grey, green colour choices but of course my colours of choice would be the pink or while but I also love the purple.

Dreaming Of


Dreaming Of

You Can Find This Luxury Travel Set Here


I feel that Christmas is approaching! It’s always a challenge to find the right gift for everyone on your list and I think I am probably quite lucky as my list is fairly short.  If you are looking for a special seasonal gift then I would plump for this Limited Edition seasonal candle by Jo Malone. One of my favourite ways to decorate the house at Christmas is with lovely wintery fragrances and as I just love all things Jo Malone this is at the top of my festive shopping list.  The quality of all the Jo Malone candles and room fragrances are some of the best I have ever had.  You can even have the set monogrammed, how stylish!!

“This Limited Edition candle is seasoned with nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, sweetened with soft caramel. Delectably rich. Invitingly smoky.”

Jo Malone Christmas Candle

You Can Find This Festive Candle Here & Here 


Its Keeping Pets Warm this week on Really Useful Girl.  I have found this very stylish cashmere sweater.  A very classic style that would suit any dog by Ralph Lauren (one of my very favourite designers).  Made in super soft pure cashmere and available in Red or Blue I think Pepe would look lovely in either colour.  I think I am leaning towards red as my favourite though. There is a nifty little hole at the back of the ribbed neck band to attach a lead through. If you like to spoil your best friend with a little luxury then this is the sweater for you. I am waiting for a reply from Ralph Lauren on the crazy price difference between the UK & USA, watch this space!!

Keeping Pets Warm

You Can Find This Super Stylish Sweater Here & Here

UPDATE!!!! I did get an answer from Ralph Lauren.  UK customers have to pay the massive price difference and cannot buy from the USA site.  Excellent news – NOT!!! I shall find a different Cashmere Sweater for us all the Dream Of.


This week on Dreaming Of take a peek at these so so beautiful shoes! Shoes, I love shoes and these are at the top of my wish list. Blue satin smoking slippers by Charlotte Olympia. These little lovelies can be worn day or night, dressed up or down. I think they would be equally perfect with a pair of jeans. shirt and blazer for a casual look or with a pair of narrow leg cigarette pants and satin shirt or sparkly top for a night out.

Charlotte Olympia Shoes

The Kitty flats come in leather and in velvet with lots of colour choices. There’s even a white satin bridal pair that are beautiful and not necessarily kept for just wedding use!

Charlotte Olympia Shoes

“Charlotte Olympia designs have become synonymous with classic sophistication and meticulous attention to detail. Inspired by a bygone era of old Hollywood glamour, iconic styles such as the Dolly with its signature ‘island’ platform, the distinctive Kitty flats and perspex Pandora clutch box are in keeping with the brand’s feminine design philosophy. All designs are handcrafted in Italy using only the finest materials and each shoe is finished with a signature gold spider’s web on the sole”

You Can Find These Beautiful Pumps Here & Here



All things gorgeous for our beloved pets this week on Dreaming Of. I came across this stunning collection of Pet Beds by Bowl and Bone. Available from Chelsea Dogs these luxurious beds come in the most fabulous colours and a range of sizes. I am having a hard time deciding which would be at the top of my shopping list for Pepe. Would it be fine to have the brown & pink classic shape, even though Pepe is a boy? Should I go for the White Corduroy cushion bed? Our living room colour scheme features Navy so maybe the Navy Blue Urban would be a practical option (I don’t often do practical but I do like the navy option!). All the covers are removable and washable, a big bonus as even my little super clean white pooch can put grubby paw prints on anything and everything.

Dreaming Of

Bowl & Bone Deco Cushion Dog Bed

“Bowl & Bone Republic Deco dog beds are made of the highest quality corduroy which is not only beautiful but also amazingly soft. Your dog will never want to leave his bed again”

Dreaming Of

Bowl & Bone Urban Dog Bed

“The ultimate in canine comfort and style, these Urban dog beds are simply stunning. Bowl & Bone Republic dog beds are made of the highest quality materials which are not only very durable but also amazingly soft. Your dog will never want to leave his bed again!”

Dreaming Of

Bowl & Bone Classic Dog Bed

“This Classic Dog Bed by Bowl & Bone Republic is made of the highest quality materials, which are not only very durable but also amazingly soft and comfortable.”

You Can Find These Fabulous Bowl & Bone Dog Beds at Chelsea Dogs


Its Sleepy week on the blog this week so what better to have on the Dreaming Of page than some beautiful relaxing fragrance products for our bedroom. Neon Organics London create a range of sleep inducing products. Candles, room diffusers, sprays and oils, all created from a blend of 12 essential oils chosen for their sleep inducing properties. The line includes candles, room sprays, diffusers, bath oil and bath foam. I use the Tranquillity diffuser in my bathroom (it’s close to where I sleep and I can smell it from my bed!). I love that the bathroom smells like an actual Spa, all the time! The strength of the fragrance does not fade over time, it remains strong right to the bottom of the bottle. I am currently on my 3rd refill and have worked out that each one lasts around 6 weeks. I have had countless room diffusers by many brands and this is by far one of the best for keeping its fragrance right to the bottom of the bottle. Dreaming Of New editions to the collection include travel sizes of the bath & shower oil,a deep sleep treatment and the pillow mist. Now you can take these little sleep inducing power houses with you – even in that dreaded plastic bag! There is even a travel Tranquility candle. Dreaming Of

You can find Neom Organics Here –

As my friends already know, I am a would be mermaid!! I love the idea, one of these days I will work up the courage to grow my hair much longer and dye it into beautiful shades of pink and blue.  In the meantime I am currently Dreaming Of my new Mermaid Shampoo, Conditioner & Fragrance.  I shall at least smell mermaid like (and no, not like fish, thank you one of my kind friends for that one!).  These delightful products smell of Orange Blossom and Coconut.  They smell amazing! If you would like to extend that summer feeling these will certainly do that.  The sulphate free shampoo and conditioner leave your hair bouncy and super soft. You can use these whatever your hair type.  I like a strong fragrance and this one lasts all day.  So, my transformation into a mermaid continues! You can keep that summer feeling going all year round with these lovelies. Mermaid Shampoo & Conditioner smell amazing and leave your hair bouncy and super soft! Click To Tweet I got my mermaid products (not tested on animals) from Liberty in London but it seems they do not stock it anymore.  Luckily you can get it direct from Mermaid if you follow the link below. Dreaming Of

You Can Find Mermaid Shampoo & Conditioner Here

It’s pet pooch week here on the Really Useful blog and it’s only fitting we should have a pooch related Dreaming Of. We signed up for a 3 month run with Ruby & Duke. We receive their monthly pet box to check out what goodies they send us to spoil Pepe with. Fussy is my dogs middle name and buying treats is always a challenge. We are a little behind with the months as we have to get ours from the UK out to Tenerife. This means we have only just opened our June box. Ruby & Duke provide a service of monthly pet boxes targeted at your pets size. There is a choice of small, medium and large, we have small of course. Each month the box contains between 4 and 6 items to include engaging toys and healthy training treats. Pepe is 10 years old! They are just treats for him! All this at a cost less than pet stores. The box is even delivered free on around the 15th of each month. So far our June @rubyandduke box has been a resounding success! Click To Tweet The herbal dog tea and the squeaking chipmunk toy are the biggest hits so far. I was a bit skeptical about the tea then I read the ingredients list. I was very encouraged, we do like healthy options here! I put out a bowl of the tea alongside the usual bowl of water. I am now limiting Pepe to two bowls of the tea per day. I would say its a big hit with Mr Fussy pants! The tea contains lots of ingredients to keep skin and coats in great condition. We have yet to try the bake your own treats mix yet but I am sure we will get round to it soon enough once our current treats box gets a little more empty. Ruby and Duke The chipmunk toy is way too long for him really but none the less he loves it. Chip is the toy of choice at the moment, we have tied it into a knot to stop him tripping over it while he carries it around. We are going to unpack our July box in September (the joys of Canary Island logistics!) and let you know how it is via our social media sites. If you don’t already follow us Click on the links at the bottom of the screen.

Come on then, unpack it please!

You Can Join Ruby and Duke Here

This week here at Really Useful HQ the Dreaming Of perfume of choice is the stunning Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. I had a squirt of this on my last trip to the UK as I was flying through Selfridges hurtling to a dinner date with no time to stop. During dinner while I was deep in conversation, wafting my arms around (cut my hands off and I would be struck dumb!) I really fell in love with this perfume. I decided an airport duty free treat on my way home would be an excellent plan. I was out of luck, it wasn’t there! However, I am undefeated and will find one elsewhere. I do like a heavy perfume, I do not feel fully dressed without perfume on and wear it everyday without fail. The low down on the technical points of this feminine, floral yet oriental fragrance are – The Top Notes include – Honey, rum, bergamot, mandarin orange In The Middle – Jasmine, rose oil, orchid, orange blossom, magnolia, heliotrope, narcissus, magnolia The Base Notes include – Vanilla, myrrh, suede, sandalwood, labdanum, balsam The very elegant purple glass bottle will make a lovely addition to your dressing table or bathroom shelves.     Dreaming Of

You Can Find This Feminine Perfume Here –

How beautiful can a blush get? It can get this beautiful. This summers limited edition Tie dye blush by Christian Dior. Housed in a gorgeous silver coloured compact this is a blush to dream about. Totally to lovely to use of course but I would just keep it on my dressing table, open it every day and swoon over it. It comes to two shades, Coral Sunset Coral and Pink Sunrise. Goodness, even the names are lovely. Being a Christian Dior fan since I was a teenager I know this would be an asset to anyones makeup box even if you could bring yourself to use it! Use a Kabuki style brush (it comes with one too!) and sweep over your cheeks and anywhere where the sun would catch your face. As with all limited editions you will need to snap one up really soon.  Happy Blushing! Dreaming Of     Dreaming Of

You Can Find This Lovely Blush Here & Here

So, it is the season to be too hot, well, in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere anyway. It’s time to head off on holiday, visit friends and family or take a staycation around home. I have just the thing this week for you that I am Dreaming Of. A giant inflatable pink flamingo for the pool. Every pool should have one! I would love to have one of these for our pool here although as it’s a communal pool I am not sure what our life guards would think about it. How lovely to be floating around, cool drink (probably a cocktail!) in hand, on a giant pink flamingo, wearing my big floppy hat of course (scroll down to see my big hat of choice). I would be imagining I was in some super cool Miami Beach Art Deco Hotel. Dreaming Of

You Can Find Your Pool Fun Flamingo – Here

22nd July 2015

I am in need of a big hat! It’s summer and it’s hot. What could be more stylish and chic than heading to the beach, lunch by the pool or a late afternoon cocktail in this perfect wide brim hat. Keeping your face hidden from those pesky UV rays is essential especially during the heat of the day and a big hat is your best friend to do just the job. I have been looking for a big hat for ages and this one by Melissa Odabash has caught my eye as my favourite.  Which of the 3 great colours to choose is a big challenge though! Which one would you choose??Melissa Odabash Hat Melissa Odabash Hat

You Can Find This Lovely Hat in 3 colours –  HERE

14th July 2015 Jimmy Choo, champion of the shoe world have created an accessory for our beloved fur babes worthy of inclusion into Dreaming Of this week. A Jimmy Choo dog collar, how fabulous. This gorgeous metallic silver collar is available in a small and medium size. I am sure Pepe would look absolutely wonderful in this little piece of luxury. Jimmy Choo Dog Collar Jimmy Choo Dog Collar   Jimmy Choo Dog Collar

Find a little luxury for your pooch –  HERE

Fuji Instax Camera Dreaming Of How much fun can a camera be? Well, I am Dreaming Of this super cute super fun little camera by Fuji. Remember in olden days (depending on just how old you happen to be!) when real pictures actually came out of the camera and we all gathered around, waited for a few minutes before the image appeared like magic? Fuji have revived the concept with their range of Fuji Instax cameras. The mini 8 would be my choice. My favourite is the chic white colour, retro styling but with a contemporary feel. Although I am very tempted by the baby pink edition of course. This is not a piece of equipment to become a professional world class photographer with. This is a camera to have fun with. The pictures are small, just about credit card sized but how wonderful to have actual physical photographs in this digital, store it on a stick and never see it again age. For parties, weddings, holidays, fun days out this would be a brilliant way to capture and keep those memories in a different out of the ordinary way. On my Pinterest board (link) you can see more pictures including some of the accessories such as carry cases, shoulder straps and photo albums that are available  to accompany your Instax Camera. Dreaming Of

Find Your Favourite Colour –  Here

The coffee machine of my dreams is the feature in this weeks Dreaming Of. Nespresso have teamed up with Kitchenaid to create the most stylish Nespresso coffee machine. Being a coffee addicted household (The Hubby could challenge for the best Barrista title any day of the week!) this would be a perfect addition to our kitchen. We do love everything Nespresso. The easiness of the process, the choice of flavours, the stylish machines and products. One machine that we own came with it’s own travelling case that made it perfect for the wandering Fosters! This new Kitchenaid machine would look superb in our kitchen (I have the matching mixer!). It’s available in a fabulous selection colours including red, black and white. If you ever have the opportunity to visit a Nespresso Cafe don’t pass it by! The Nespresso Cafe in the centre of Lausanne, Switzerland was our favourtie town centre coffee spot.

Dreaming Of Find It Here

This week I am dreaming of a phone case. I know, not truly exciting until you see these gorgeous creations. This one from the collection is my particular favourite and it comes in all phone sizes so I am sure yours will be on the list somewhere. These cases feature designs by Anum Tariq an illustrator from California. The phone cases are available at Casetify and you can also get prints of her work via her Easy shop. The “white dress” is definitely my favourite but its a tough decision as they are all so stylish. Dreaming Of

You Can Find This Gorgeous Phone Cover HERE

This week at base camp Foster we are dreaming of this amazing Starbarks dog house. This is just so brilliant for the coffee obsessed house that is base camp Foster. It would be so cute to have this in our garden for Pepe to look at, ignore and sit in his usual place – attached to either me or The Hubby but mostly The Hubby! Unfortunately this fabulous fun dog house is no longer available but you can see it on  Pinterest. Dreaming Of

Find it here & here

 I am Dreaming Of these fabulous Guerlain products this week. In fact it is more than a Dreaming Of week because I use all three. I am going to tell you a little bit about The Meteorites Primer this time. I’ll tell you about the other two products a later but all three are brilliant. I love everything Guerlain. Not only does it look just beautiful, almost too beautiful to use, it smells delicious too. It’s a heavy glass bottle filled with a clear gel and shimmering pink pearls. When you use the pump dispenser the clear gel and pink pearls mix into a lightweight formula. This gorgeous product makes my skin tone super even and leave a subtle glow, not shiny or sparkly, just glowing and dewy. Designed as a primer, it’s designed to wear under foundation actually. Yet if you feel like a no make up day or like me you are just too lazy to bother with make up every day then this primer is for you. Add a flick of mascara, a wave of a lipgloss and you are good to go. If you use this delicious product why not let me know how it works for you. Guerlain Meteroites

This week, here at base camp Foster we are dreaming of this beautiful table top desk by Tresserra. In truth The Hubby & I have been dreaming about this stunning piece of furniture for many a year. We could never seem to find the right glass desk to place it on. We couldn’t find the right position for it within whichever place we happened to be living in at the time. Even now we still do not have the perfect place for it and particularly now we have committed to small space living. although this piece is not particularly demanding on space. Tresserra (by Barcelona designer Jaime Tressera) produce a whole line of furniture for every room within a home all in beautiful materials but mostly wood. A great deal of their line is just not suited to small space living. If you saw the amazing full size snooker table they have on display at the store on Rue de Rivoli Paris, we are sure you would agree. Their collections are well worth dreaming of but you do need lots and lots of space and then a bit more space besides.

Find It Here

Guerlain Meteroites

   Tresserra Desk   Tresserra Desk

Find It Here

Tresserra Desk

Pink Smeg Toaster

On my Dreaming Of list this week is this beautiful looking toaster by Smeg. I am showing you the pink one here. Hey, it’s me, so of course I am! There are other great colours available and I also love the Chrome finish. At our house we have the pink Smeg fridge freezer so this would be a perfect addition to our kitchen. I would even let it stay out on view, not something I usually allow a toaster to do. Aside from it’s great aesthetics two of it’s many Really Useful features are real winners for me. First off it has extra wide slots. The hubby and I are rather partial to toasted teacakes and our problem is that they get stuck in the slots of a regular toaster. The extra wide slots mean we wouldn’t need to force the teacakes out in bits because they had got stuck or have to squash them flat first. Secondly, integrated cable storage. Yay!

Find it here

Smeg Toasters

    Dreaming Of Pepe & I are currently dreaming about these fabulous id collars that we think would be superb for our favourite pooches. Pepe does not like having a tag on his collar as it clinks on his water dish. One little chink and off he goes whizzing round the room like a little whirlwind. He uses a stainless steel water bowl. Did you know all white/light colour dogs should use stainless steel bowls?? I am going to write a Blog in the coming weeks that will explain why that’s so. That little piece will be coming soon so watch this space for that Really Useful information. Over the last almost 10 years (I still cannot believe it he will be 10 in a few weeks, where did that time go!) we have tried various types of collars and tags. Pepe now just wears a collar with no tags and no id which does bother me at times (Pepe,of course, has a chip). I know that if Pepe was ever stolen any id on him would be just tossed aside. I like to think if he ever got lost at least if he had id that some kindly person would call me. These really stylish engraved id collars are a great solution to our little chinking issue. The only other dilemma now is which style, colour and font to choose, there are so many lovely colours to choose from it’s so difficult. I am leaning towards purple for Pepe or maybe orange or …….? Which would you choose?? We would love to hear from you. Dreaming Of

Find These Fab Collars Here –