Spring Cleaning

Easy Peasy Spring Cleaning!

Spring has sprung! Well, in the northern hemisphere it has. Although I think a few places are less than spring like at the moment.  Snow in April in the North West of England is not so spring like. Has spring sprung where you are yet? It has here!

And what does spring bring, besides baby lambs and daffodils? Spring cleaning!! It’s that time of year again.  But what if I can help you make the spring cleaning a bit easier this year? Oh yay! I hear you cry.  So lets get on with it. Here are a few ways to make this years spring cleaning easy peasy.

First things first! Cleaning is always easier when you have some music to sing and dance to while you work! Here is a little playlist to help you along!

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Don’t Forget

It’s easy to overlook certain cleaning tasks that are not right under your nose.  It’s easy to remember to clean the rugs and carpets or to have the curtains cleaned but don’t forget about the things that are not so obvious –

  • Clean the air filters on bathroom extractor fans
  • Clean the washing machine & dryer filters
  • Replace the filter or clean the inside of the cooker hood
  • Refresh and clean your mattresses (how to do this follows!)
  • Replace old winter room fragrances for spring ones
  • Throw away expired medicines, groceries, herbs and spices
  • Put soft toys into the freezer overnight to sanitise them (it kills off dust mites!)
  • Take winter coats to the cleaners, shoes & boots to be repaired before they are put away until next season
  • Change the batteries in smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors & security system panels
  • Check the garden furniture is all in working order and cleaned before you need to use it
Spring Cleaning

Replace winter fragrances with fresh uplifting summery scents of White Neroli, Mimonsa, Lemon & Fresh Grass

Easy Peasy Spring Cleaning Tips

White vinegar has so many uses when it comes to cleaning.  Rather than buy many different cleaning products packed full of chemicals, white vinegar with a few other natural ingredients will do almost all the cleaning you need.

This is an easy way to clean your shower head or taps

  1. Get a ziplock or sealable plastic bag
  2. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar
  3. 2 tablespoons of baking soda
  4. 4 or 5 drops of washing up liquid
  5. Put the shower or tap head in the bag and tie around with an elastic band
  6. Leave it for an hour (the mixture will foam up)
  7. Rinse off the mixture and use a small brush to brush away anything left of the shower head or tap (it will just come off really easily).
  8. Job done!


Spring Cleaning


White wine vinegar is such a versatile product it warrants a whole blog post of it’s own! Coming Next Time!!!


Spring Cleaning

An easy way to keep your fridge clean is to keep things in crates – just take the crates out to clean plus if there is a leak it stays confined to a small area!

  • To quickly clean lampshades use a lint roller
  • An antacid tablet added to water in vases will remove stubborn stains from the bottom which are not usually reachable
  • If you paint the rim of metal cans or aerosols with a coat of nail polish it will prevent them from rusting and leaving rings in your bathroom or kitchen
  • Clean the skirting boards using a dryer sheet, the residue it leaves keeps the boards cleaner for longer
  • Use half a grapefruit dipped in course sea salt to scrub baths, sinks and toilets.  The acid in the grapefruit breaks down grime quickly and the salt rubs it away
  • Put your bathroom soap dishes and toothbrush/toothpaste holders through the dishwasher
  • Get a Magic Eraser.  They are just brilliant!
Spring Cleaning

You can find these clever things via my little Amazon Shopping Page!

Easy Mattress Spring Cleaning!

This is an all natural way to clean and refresh your mattresses.  It’s really easy and can be done any time when you are changing your bed linen.  You can do this not just in spring but as many times during a year as you like! No chemicals involved here either.

Fill a jar wth baking soda and add around 15 drops of your favourite essential oil but Lavender is great for this particular job.  Shake the jar and so the baking soda and essential oil are mixed.  Then using a sieve sprinkle the mixture over mattresses.  Leave it for at least an hour.  The longer you can leave it the better.  Then using your vacuum hose just remove it. Your mattress will be refreshed and smell good too.  The baking soda draws out moisture and dirt and the essential oil repels dust mites.

Baking Soda & Lavender sprinkled over your mattress will naturally clean and refresh it! Click To Tweet

Spring Cleaning

If you have any spring cleaning tips to make life a little easier we would love to hear them! For now, I shall be off to find more storage crates to organise my fridge!


PS. Don’t forget that you can find magic erasers in my little shop this week!

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