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Step Into The Mist.

Remember last year when I wrote about the wonders of Thermal Water Facial Sprays? Yes, of course you do and I hope you are are all still spritzing your face and feeling the benefits of well hydrated skin.  Do you want to step it up to another level? Again, yes, of course you do! Now, I am not a beauty blogger but I just wanted to share with you what I have been playing with for the past few weeks.

I have been trying out some different facial misting sprays.  I am such a fan of facial misting that I wanted to try out some that have added ingredients and see how these perform.  I have been in England for a few weeks where the weather can at best be described as suitable only for ducks.  In that kind of climate it’s important to be extra kind to your skin just as it is important in a hot climate.  Using a facial spray appeals to my love of all things easy and simple but which one to choose! There are so many choices so I have tried out a few different ones.

Facial Spray

What To do With Your Facial Spray

  • If wearing foundation on top of moisturiser feels too heavy then a facial spray with hydrating essential oil in place of moisturiser is the answer.
  • Create a dewy look to your finished make up with a spritz of facial spray
  • Eliminate a powdery look to make up
  • Boost moisture and skin nutrition?
  • Revive your make up look during the day with a facial spray
  • Lock in moisture by using a facial spray before applying moisturiser
  • A substitute for toner in your beauty regime

I like to keep my skincare as simple and quick as possible and I am a fan of the ‘no cleanse in a morning’  routine.  I give my face a spritz with a facial spray (instead of a splash of our calcium laden tap water) and then apply moisturiser on top.  The facial spray helps to lock in the moisture making my moisturiser more effective.

The Jurlique Rose Water Balancing Mist is a lovely way to wake up my face in a morning, it’s so refreshing and smells delightful.  It’s in a very elegant frosted glass bottle but it’s a too heavy to carry around in my handbag so this one stays at home.

Facial Spray


I don’t wear make up during the day when I am in a warm climate but when I am in the UK I wear make up every day. I don’t like to carry a big bag of make up around with me for touching up. I found a spray with my facial mist once or twice a day really did help maintain my look all day.

The aerosol types like  L’Occitane Hydra Vital Face Spray and Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist are the best for this particular job as they gives a really fine spray with the added bonus of being a handbag friendly size.

The Chanel Hydra Essence Mist is my touch of indulgence. It smells divine and leaves my skin feeling very soft and refreshed.  As with all Chanel skincare it’s packed full of quality ingredients:

Chanel says:

“Empowered by the moisturizing Camellia Alba PFA*, and the antioxidant Blue Ginger PFA*, this luxurious, lightweight spray hydrates with a fresh, cool, comforting mist of enriched moisture. Vitamin C and E, along with Hyaluronic acid, boost skin with a dose of nourishment that restores, strengthens and ultimately sustains skin at its most optimal state. Use under or over makeup for a refreshed look.

*PFA: Polyfractioned Active. An ultra-pure, ultra-powerful ingredient created through an exclusive purification technique developed by Chanel.”

I was given the Tropic Facial Spray and it will definitely be on my shopping list once I have used up this one.  Tropic Skin care line is produced by Susan Ma (a winner from The Apprentice). It’s Available from Brand Ambassadors who can give you all the advise you need.  I like the natural ingredients and cruelty free message the brand offers.  The facial spray is full of cooling organic Aloe Vera juice which I found very calming.

This spray is actually a toner to use post cleanse but I am keeping mine in the fridge as a cool spritz after being in the sun. I also used it in the UK after being out in the damp weather to liven me up.  I wouldn’t use this one on top of make up as the mist spray is not light enough.

Tropic says:

“Bursting with organic rose water, aloe vera and cucumber juices, this instant skin refresher is infused with vitamins and amino acids that help to balance pH and reduce pore size. ”

Facial Spray


Cucumber and Aloe Vera also make a great combo for a home made face mask. More on those coming soon!

I am off on a long long plane journey in a few weeks. Off to Thailand to see The Offspring.  My facial sprays will be coming with me and I will update you on how they perform on planes and in extra hot climates! For now though, I hope you have found my little insight into a beauty find that I really love, Really Useful.

You can find lots of lovely Jurlique products in my little shop this week.






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