Lemons to make Lemon Water



Lemon soup? You know that old joke when the finger wash bowl turns up on the table in a restaurant! Errrrm, did I order lemon soup? Well, how funny is it that now we should actually be drinking that warm lemon soup every morning before breakfast. No, really! Lemon soup is the thing. – wanna know why? Course you do! Read on my friends –

Lemons for Lemon water

Firstly, A Few Lemony Snippets!

  • Lemons were brought to Europe by the armies of Alexander The Great in the 3rd Century
  • The word Lemon is derived from various Asian words for sour  (There’s a surprise!)
  • Lemons are technically a berry (Well who knew!)
  • A medium lemon contains about 17 calories, 80 milligrams of potassium, pectin, vitamins C & traces of Vitamin A, phosphorus & magnesium.
  • Lemons are acidic until metabolised by our bodies when they become alkaline. Alkaline is our friend.
  • Oh & yes, almost forgot, they are a really great colour – yellow!

So, To Lemon Water – What, When & Most Importantly The Why

Lemons for lemon water

What is Lemon Water??

– one glass of warm purified or boiled water with a good slice of fresh lemon in it that you have given a squeeze to (we need that pulp stuff too). It’s a really good idea to drink Lemon Water through a straw because citric acid damages tooth enamel. What a great excuse to buy lots of colourful party straws. I am loving my white ones with gold hearts on them, they are so me. Its best not to use freshly boiled water or microwave your lemon water as heat kills vitamin C and we want all that excellent Vit C in there.

Lemon Water


 When To Drink Your Lemon Water??

What time to drink Lemon Water

Ideally, drink your lemon water first thing in the morning before breakfast but for the best results, always on an empty stomach. This was where I struggled a bit at first but having made it a new years resolution to get up 10 minutes earlier specifically to partake of this wonder drink, I am sticking with it really well.

Ideally lemon water should be drunk warm or room temperature, you do not want to shock your digestive system with cold water and warm will stimulates your system into action more than cold.

Why Drink Lemon Water – here goes-

(The Important Bit!)


It’s a pretty awesome vitamin is this one – a real essential to great overall health.

Natural stress reducer – nothing to add here. Anything that reduces stress in any shape or form is fine by me!

Essential for the production of collagen – let’s keep that skin looking healthy, glowing and rejuvenated. Collegen also aids in the maintenance of strong tendons, ligaments & bones.

Vit C (I can call you Vit C now we are friends can’t I?) is a powerful antioxidant. Free radicals – the scourge of the modern world – well our hero Vit C is their sworn enemy and Vit C helps eliminate them from our body stopping them damaging our healthy cells and membranes keeping joints healthy and reducing inflammation.

Essential for helping the healing of wounds and scars, we need to get those under control with as much help as we can muster (more on that topic at a later date!)

Protection from illness is the job of our immune system, Vit C is a major player is keeping our immune system in tip top shape.

Aids the absorpbsion of calcium thus helping the prevention of kidney stones. Good news in my book!


Helps prevent kidney stone formation and it is a powerful antioxidant so helps break down free radicals that can build up in the body especially is we have been exposed to environments of cigarette smoke, fumes from cleaning products or industrial pollution.


Pectin is a natural soluble fibre, it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable and slows down the absorption of carbohydrates therefore giving us that full feeling for longer – aiding weight loss as it’s a natural appetite suppressor (we won’t be reaching for those cookies at 11am – well, we’ll be trying hard not too).

It’s a natural aid to our digestive system as Pectin is the best kind of fibre – a soluble fibre  – we all know we need good natural fibre!

It can relieve joint pain as it helps the removal of this bad stuff – uric acid (which causes the pain) and the production of synovial fluid – the good stuff that lubricates those joints.

It can help with the relief of sore throats (many throat lozenges contain pectin).


Helps maintain & balance fluid and electrolyte levels in the body so reducing tiredness and increasing concentration levels, thus your lemon water can help with better brain function – and who doesn’t need that, possibly my favourite is that gem.

Other Vital Stats

The low ph value of lemons give them antibacterial properties and so lemon water will promote healthy mouth (don’t forget the straw though!)

Drinking lemon water has an alkalizing effect on the body. Increasing our bodies alkalinity is one of the best reasons to take up lemon water – an alkaline body is a healthy body.

In addition, because of its antibacterial properties, lemon water will help to keep away unhealthy bacteria which thrive in an acidic environment so by keeping our body in an alkaline state it reduces the risk of bacteria and viruses attacking us – so keeping those sore throats, colds & flu nasties at bay.

The scent of lemon is mood enhancing and can increase concentration.

A Few Little Twists

Lemon water with mint

If you need to really kick start your metabolism in a morning add a dash of Cayenne Pepper into your lemony drink.


Add a few sprigs of fresh mint into the mix – Mint is great for digestion and also makes your lemon water even more refreshingly tasty.

 If you feel the need to feed your Vit C knowledge banks even further check out this –


Why not try growing your own lemons! The RHS has some tips for you –


Do you already drink lemon water? It would be great if you share your special recipe and how you feel it benefits your health.  I have seen a definite improvement in my skin since I started with a daily lemon water.  To me my skin looks clearer and smoother.

So there you have it, really useful stuff about Lemon Water.  Add it to your daily routine as soon as you like.


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