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Meet Julie, Really Useful Girl
Meet Julie and Pepe

Meet Julie


You found me.

And you are most welcome.

I’m Julie, Knitter extraordinaire, mummy to Pepe, keeper of a mind filled with stuff & now writer of my very own Blog – Really Useful Girl. So, if would you like to know a little bit about me if you would then please read on.

We, that being The hubby Joe, the Maltese pooch Pepe and I live on a volcanic rock in the Atlantic Ocean that goes by the name of Tenerife. We love the outside life style and here we can have that all year round seeing as the climate is just marvellous. Outdoor knitting is by far my favourite sport.

There is an offspring, she is all grown up and currently located in Bangkok and goes by the name of Teacher Dom. She is a teacher of English to basically anyone who will listen – it seems that teaching is her niche in life – much to her dismay!

I have been a housewife for a good number of years and now it’s time for a job change. What better job could there be than sharing? And what better way to share my gathered experiences and my love of all things planned, organised, simply elegant, white, pink with always a hint of sparkle and some nonsense thrown in, than to create my own blog.

With my blog I’m going to share with you all kinds of useful, useless, fun & nonsense about all things useful, useless, fun & nonsensical. Having done many different jobs, travelled extensively (avec le pooch!), moved house far too many times, I hope to now make myself Really Useful to you my readers, followers, family, friends and well, just about everyone who finds me. I think a huge part of my usefulness is Organisation (the key to just about everything is organisation). Life is so much easier when the little things are under control with the added bonus of looking lovely too.

Five Random Things About Me

1.  I was a serious amateur ballroom and latin american dancer for 10 years of my life.

2. I detest and loathe celery in all shapes and forms – I even pick it out of vegetable soup.

3. I collect tiny handmade teddy bears made by my lovely friend Kay at www.katiecountrybears.co.uk.  This little beauty is named Cozy and I make the hats for all Kay’s bears.

Meet Julie , Katie Country Bears

4. I admit to having seen every episode ever made of Gossip Girl and loving it! (I know, I’m so sorry!!)

5. My idea of bliss would be to have clean, crisp, fresh bedlinen every single day.

Now you know a bit more about me, if you would like to be part of my little bloggersphere you can join me. I would love your company.  You can keep up to date with all things Really Useful at the usual spots by clicking the little buttons below.


  • Reply anne earnshaw 18th February 2016 at 9:25 am

    Thanks Julie for your ideas I am now motivated to sort out a few things. As I am on holiday this week I will be decluttering my wardrobe whilst listening to my favourite music. It was great to see you last week, a lovely wonderful surpise . X

  • Reply Jessica S 6th April 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Yay Julie, can’t wait to learn lots of thingys x

    • Reply Julie 7th April 2015 at 3:05 pm

      Thank You Jess! Hope Las Vegas is a good trip! See you soon. x

  • Reply Elin Williams 4th April 2015 at 4:29 pm

    Looks lovely. Your random number 5 is my number 1 so we have something in common apart from being a knitting addict and a passion for white. So I look forward to your really useful tips on lemons as my friend Pam in Port Vendres, has a tree full of them in her garden!

    • Reply admin 5th April 2015 at 3:31 pm

      Thank you mother! I wish there were lemons on my tree too. An attack of white fly has more or less seen it off. Really Useful Lemony details will be with you on Wednesday. X

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