Natural Remedies For Sunburn

Sunburn? Step Into The Kitchen Please!

Sunburn Remedies From Your Kitchen, Naturally

So you did everything you were supposed to but it happened. You got sunburnt, Ouch.  I know how much that hurts, stings, itches, blisters Ugh, the works.  I have had numerous incidents of sunburn myself from an over exposed shoulder (why was that umbrella at the bar not bigger!), a patch on the top of my thigh that I just plain missed out when slathering on the sunscreen to burnt eyelids from trying not to get sunscreen into my eyes and smearing my contact lenses.  It can happen to anyone.  Instead of reaching for a bottle of commercial after sun why not try heading into the kitchen and whip up something from the many useful things you already have.

Head To The Tub

Fill your bath with cool but not cold water.  Do not add any soap, bubble bath, salts or oils.  You can now add any one or even all of the following.

  • Milk – Milk will leave a layer of protective protein on your skin.  You could add some cups of milk to a cool bath. For just a small area of sunburn you can soak a clean wash cloth in cold milk and apply it.
  • Oatmeal.  You can use this two ways.  Make it up into a paste with cold water and apply directly to the sunburn or fill a linen bag and place it into a cool bath.
  • Baking Soda – add 4 or 5 tablespoons to the bath.

Only bathe for 15-20 minutes as you do not want to dry your skin.  If possible let your skin air dry.  If you must dry off then pat dry but do not rub.

If your sunburn has already blistered, take a cool bath but do not add anything at all.  Plain cool water is your best friend here.

Natural Remedies For Sunburn

If I have to take a bath it needs to be in a Kos Bath

Take A Look In The Fridge

  • Potato – Mash it up in a blender till its liquid (add some water if necessary) and apply it on to the sunburn and cover with a cloth.  You will feel relief from the heat quite quickly as the natural starches help draw out the heat.  Once it has dried out on your skin just gently wipe off, do not rub.
  • Live Natural Yogurt – Apply to your sunburn.  Make sure it’s probiotic and has no flavourings in it.
  • Cucumber – Slices of cool cucumber will relive the pain plus it contains antioxidants and is mildly analgesic
  • Honey – This will speed up the healing process, minimise the pain and reduce the risk of infection. You could also add this to your cool bath
Natural Sunburn remedies

Head to your fridge to find these natural ingrediants

Away From Your Kitchen?

Now all the above relies on you being A. at home and B.  having a well stocked kitchen.  So what if you are on vacation, staying with friends, on a business trip? Being prepared and organised (oh how I love that word!) is the answer.  You can make a travel friendly little emergency kit to take with you that is A. airline friendly (not taking valuable space in that minuscule plastic bag)  and B. easy peasy to make.  You can of course make a stock of these for at home too!


  • A  very small sealable plastic storage box, like a food storage box. Mine is 5cm in diameter and has a screw top
  • 120 mls of Witchhazel or Rosewater.  (This is The Canary Islands, Witchhazel, Que es eso? So Rosewater it is!)
  • 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Cotton pads.  Try to get the lint free ones from the Pharmacy.  You can use cotton wool pads but if your sunburn blisters these can leave bits of fibre on you which might get into the blisters especially if they burst (aghhhhhhhh I feel your pain already!).
  • Mix the Rosewater and essential oils in a bowl and soak as many pads as your pot will hold. Drain off any excess liquid out of the pot (minimise the risk of leakage. It’s that easy! You can also add 5 drops of Tea Tree oil or 5 drops of Frankincense if you wish but its not essential.
  • If you prefer you could add the mixture to a spray bottle, keep it in the fridge and use it that way too. As a liquid though it must go in your plastic bag on the plane of course.

These are my ingredients for my Sunburn relief pads

On arrival at your destination, whip the box into the fridge (mini bar will do if you are in a hotel) and then come any sun induced disasters you have your first line of attack to sunburn relief on hand.

You can also pack some mint tea bags.  Fresh mint is always better but tea bags are a good back up and easy to travel with.  Brew the tea with boiling water and leave in the tea bags for around an hour whilst the water cools, remove the tea bags, refrigerate until cold, then soak a clean wash cloth with the tea and cover your sunburn.

A ready prepared bath soak would be a great idea to pack.  These Aveeno ready made ones would be perfect and really easy to pack for travelling and contain all natural ingredients.

Natural Remedies For Sunburn

These are ideal to pack into your luggage – just in case!

You can Find Aveeno Bath Treatment HERE & HERE

I hope you don’t actually need to use any of the above this summer but these Really Useful tips should help you, just in case. Do you have any secret natural sunburn remedies you can share with us? In the meantime have a lovely summer.


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