New Years resolutions

New Years Resolutions With A Difference

Have you made your New Years resolution yet and 6 days into 2016 are you sticking to it?  I try to make a New Years resolution every year and last year I set myself a really easy one.  An easy one in the hope that I could stick with it for the whole year and my trick worked.  I made the bed every day as soon as I got out of it. Usually I would just leave it till later in the morning and eventually ‘get round’ to it at some point.  Now, I do it automatically every day.  Such a simple resolution but i stuck to it and now it’s just routine to me to make the bed as I get out of it. Hence an orderly looking room all day, excellent!

For the last few weeks I have been thinking about what New Year resolution to make for 2016.  I want a resolution that is a bit different but also something I can stick to. Something achievable.

How about trying out one of these slightly different resolutions. I am going with the first one.  I have my colouring in Postcards already and have some printed note cards on hand too.

Send A Handwritten Card Once A Month!

A handwritten note is something everyone loves to receive.  Choose a family member, friend, colleague or neighbour each month and send them a card, note or my favourite thing, a postcard.  It will let them know you are thinking about them and I am sure it will make their day when they receive it.

You could even make the note more personal by choosing to use the colouring in postcards like the ones by Johanna Basford.  I have these and although they do take a long time to colour in as they are so finely detailed your recipient will thank you even more for all your hard efforts. You can find the Johanna Basford postcards book via my Shopping Time page.

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Compliment Someone Everyday!

Complimenting someone makes you both smile. Smiling leads to laughter and laughter is good for your health, it burns calories! Compliments build up a trust between people and empower people with confidence. Karma, what goes around comes around.  You never know, people around you may notice your new found positive complimenting and adopt your kindness. The best part of compliments is that they are FREE!


Make a plan to donate or give away something you don’t use, want or need each month.  To see what this will do for your life check out this article on Decluttering from last year.

Go To A New Place Every Month!

This does not have to be a new country or involve lots of travel and cost.  Take a look at a new place in your local area or maybe one of these suggestions

  • Try a park you haven’t been to before.
  • A market in a local town.
  • Find your nearest Farmers Market
  • Have you been to all your local museums?
  • Take a scenic rail journey
  • Visit the location of a favourite novel or film

New Years Resolutions

Take the pennies challenge!

This New Years resolution is a lovely way to save your pennies without noticing how much you are actually saving. I think I would have to make a daily note of which day of the year it is or I would lose track of how much to add each day!  At the end of the year you will have £667.95 saved.  What would you spend that on or would you save it? I think a weekend away somewhere would be a lovely way to spend it.

New Years Resolutions

Take a Reading Challenge for 2016!

This New Years resolution is suggested by my Offspring who is an avid book worm and frankly I am not sure this would be a challenge to her but more like a complete dream.


New Years Resolutions


What ever you choose to do for your New Years resolutions I wish you every success and hope that 2016 is your best year yet.



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