Zzzzzzzzzzz’ Operation Sleep Part 2

Welcome to Operation Sleep – Part 2.  The second in the Operation Sleep series.  In part 1 I shared with you things we can do before we go to bed that can help improve our sleep. Now we have made it into our bedroom let me share with you some really usefulness on how to create a great sleep environment which can contribute to a good nights sleep.


How about a glamorous sleep mask just like Audrey!

Creating A Sleep Friendly Environment

  • The ideal bedroom temperature is cooler than you might imagine; 18c or 65f is thought to be the best.
  • Have a well ventilated room
  • Have your bedroom as dark as possible
  • Eliminate as much external noise as possible.
  • Keep pets out of the bedroom (like that is ever going to happen for Audrey and in our house too!) but pets in the bedroom can be a night time disturbance to your sleep.  We have just experienced that this past week.  Pepe, THE sleepiest dog ever had 3 really restless nights that we put down to our room being too hot.  Our solution to leave the air conditioning on all night worked and now we are back to nice undisturbed nights.
  • Soft gentle or ambient music for those of us who do not like total silence. However, this could be breaking our screen curfew as most of us have our music via our technology.  If this is the case, turn the screen brightness down as far as it will go. If you use a handheld device, place the device upside down or somewhere away from your vision to minimise the light from it. Remember from Part 1 – Blue light from technology is a stimulant. Tunin internet station is a great place to discover lots of chill out and relaxing sounds
  • A gentle room fragrance from a diffuser or a room spray using essential oils will help create a sleep friendly room.  Use oils such as Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Vetiver, Roman Chamomile, Marjoram & Cedarwood.
  • Personally I stay away from candles indoors.  I am terrified of falling asleep with them still lit and burning the house down!   However, if you do choose to fragrance your bedroom with candles choose the same essential oil fragrances as you would for a room diffuser.
The ideal bedroom temperature is cooler than you might imagine; 18c or 65f is thought to be the best Click To Tweet



Aromatherapy Associates Is Lovely For Creating A Relaxing Fragrance In Your Bedroom You Can Find Aromatherapy Associates On The Shopping Time Page This Week


How Comfortable Is Your Bed?


sleepHow did you choose your mattress?  We chose ours without a great deal of thought to be honest.  We just knew we wanted something not too soft and something the right size for our bedroom. Our bedroom can take a king size bed but not a super king and as there is always 3 of us (Pepe the dog, before you jump to conclusions!) a standard double would be a little too crowded.  However, there are many factors we should consider before buying a mattress and many different ways to choose.  A really good idea is to think about how you sleep and choose one most appropriate for you

  • Side Sleeper – choose an inner sprung, pressure relief surface mattress. Add a memory foam topper for extra pressure relief.
  • Back Sleeper – Choose a mattress with surface support but some give
  • Front Sleeper – Choose a dense innersprung air filled mattress or a latex one
  • Sleep Hot –
  • Partners who sleep very differently or one or the other is restless – Choose two single mattresses but use bedding that matches your beds overall size.  In our experience this is one of the very best options for the best nights sleep.
  • Allergy Sufferer – Choose a foam or latex option and use an allergy mattress protector

A mattress is going to be with you for up to 7 years and beyond (although a replacement approximately every 7 years is always recommended) so it is an important investment to your overall quality of life.  Getting out of bed every day for 7 years aching or having had a bad nights sleep because your bed is not comfortable is not a pretty thought. Take time to go to a specialist bed store, use the expert advise that will be available.

Do You Have The Right Pillows?

When it comes to pillows the choice is mind numbing, especially for me.  What size? What Filling? What density? What covering?  I have lost count of the number of pillows I have tried and to be honest I am not there yet with the perfect one, it’s still a work in progress for me.  The one I am using is a feather filled and medium density. My current pillow has definitely improved my morning neck ache tremendously but I still feel I can do better.  On a recent bedding shopping trip for our UK bed I was totally confused by the huge choice of pillows at the store but the assistants really knew their thing and guided me to what I believe is a great choice for us. My advise on pillows is definitely to shop at a speciality store where staff can assist you with quality information.  This is a good comprehensive guide to all things pillowy by bedding experts The White Company. The surround pillow is sounding very tempting to me.


I Love A Huge Stack Of Pillows On My Bed

Your choice of pillow is based on personal comfort but your choice can be a vital to the health of your neck and upper back. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can cause poor sleep and a number of health complaints such as headaches, neck strain, upper back pain & allergic reactions. Click To Tweet

Finally this week, if you are looking for an update to your bedroom see whats currently on the Dreaming Of page. Why not let me know if you have any more tips on creating the best environment for a good nights sleep!

Sweet Dreams and….



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