Prepare For A Move With Total Wardrobe Care!

A very lovely company based in London recently sent me some super products to assist with my small space living.  As you know, organisation, organisation and organisation are my three favourite words.  Looking stylish also features heavily in my plans. The collection of products from Total Wardrobe Care fit the bill perfectly. Did I mention the pink and white stripe packaging! Ha, they obviously had me in mind when they designed that!.

Prepare for a move

Lovely products to help care for your wardrobe

The timing of this has, quite unexpectedly, become very very relevant.  We are packing up the warm climate house and moving back to England for a while (A new knee being on the agenda for The Hubby!). We have done this countless times before and arrived back to moth eaten sheets and musty smelling clothes that all had to be washed and cleaned. I can now prepare for our move with much more confidence that upon our return the bed linen and wardrobes will be in perfect order. There are lots of Really Useful tips on the Total Care Wardrobe website that I have been working my way through over the past few weeks.

Pesky Moths!

Prepare for a move

“The May Chang Scented Candle repels moths by diffusing its May Chang blend of essential oils to protect wardrobe and bedroom areas, keeping them fresh, fragrant and free of moths”

To make sure those pesky moths all leave my bedroom as soon as possible I am using the candle every evening at dusk as this seems to be the time I start to see them.  The first day I used it I left all the cupboard doors open to let the fragrance drift through everywhere so that any moths hiding there abouts would take the hint and leave! The moths here are not very large but they can do plenty of damage if they get into the cupboards.  My moth eaten Liberty Of London sheets are testament to this! The moth box is now safely installed in my linen cupboard along with some cedar wood.

“The aroma of cedarwood has natural moth-repellant properties and will make your wardrobe or drawers smell forest-fresh while absorbing moisture and odours. Renew the aroma of these cedar balls by sanding lightly with sandpaper.”

Prepare for a move

The moth box is safely installed in the linen cupboard

Prepare Prepare Prepare!!

Sewing is not one of my strongest skills (I am much better at knitting!).  However, in preparation for moving I collected the small pile of clothes that need buttons replacing, did the sewing job, pressed and hung them.  I always keep the spare buttons that are attached to new clothes in a specific pot in the sewing bag. Everything will be ready to wear when needed.  One thing I have learnt with experience when moving, packing or leaving your wardrobes for a period of time is not to leave any clothes unwashed (even if you only wore it once for five minutes!) or unpressed.  I have returned to stained, mouldy and un-pressable clothes a number of times.  Wash, clean and iron everything, you will be thankful on your return that everything you left can be used.

When your clothes come back from the dry cleaners take off the polythene covers and re hang onto your own hangers.  Polythene attracts dust and wire hangers are not good for keeping clothes in shape.

My favourite kind of knitwear is anything Cashmere.  My lightweight Cashmere will be staying put this time.   Usually I would have put this into a plastic storage container.  Hanging Cashmere is always a no! This time I am storing my knitwear correctly in a breathable fabric bag.

How To Fold Knitwear Beautifully

My blue heels have not been worn yet.  I have them ready for a photoshoot that I intend to do so I can update my blog profile picture but I have been so busy that I haven’t found the time to get it done yet.  These cedar wood shoe trees will ensure that my new shoes still look new when they get packed for the move. Having travelled lots I know how damaging it can be on shoes!

Prepare for a move

You can keep your shoes fresh and in great shape using Cedar Wood Shoe Trees!

Prepare for a move

My favourite shoes will be in perfect shape next time I need them!

Preparing for a move

These two clothes covers will hold around 5 or 6 hangers. I am planning on keeping my dresses in one and The Hubby’s best shirts in the other. They are made from beautiful quality cotton!

Prepare for a move

My cashmere is now safely stored away in this special little storage bag. This is definitely one of my favs!

I could write lots more about caring for your wardrobe but there is just no need for me to do that. These guys have it all covered so you can just click on all these easy peasy links and get advise on wardrobe care direct from the experts.  I have been using their tips to help me prepare for our move.

How To Store Clothes

How To Have A Moth Free Wardrobe

Get Rid Of Moths

The Life Cycle Of A Moth

We are almost prepared for our move, just a dinner party to have, a Sunday lunch get together to attend (well, we have to get our priorities right!), a bag to pack and then cooler climes here we come!








PS.  Just so you know, this is a sponsored post, but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.







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