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5 Random Finds This Week?

Firstly, one of these random finds is not Pokemon Go, although, I think the phenomenon is pretty random.  I do spend a lot of time surfing the web, this sometimes results in the occasional week where I come across things that are sometimes useful, sometimes not, sometimes practical, sometimes not, sometimes just lovely and sometimes just not! This week turned up a few things that I thought I would share with you! From the useful, the intriguing to the downright beautiful.

Let’s start where this blog usually does,

The Really Useful

I am using this app right now.  I did find this via a tipoff by a tech savvy person (Mark, that means you!).  It’s an app that allows you to control the speed of the fans within your computer.  I work on a Macbook Pro and it gets very very hot, especially when it’s on your lap.  With this app you can not only control the fan the heat levels of all the components within the inner workings of your machine, particularly the processor.

Random Finds

You can find this clever thing here

A Really Useful idea to keep your computer and it's components super cool in this heat! Click To Tweet

The Not So Useful

There is not a lot to say about these.  Number two on my list of random finds are these Ralph & Russo boots. They come under the category of downright beautiful.  Me and my love of all things pink just wish to have these boots. Not to wear you understand, but to place on a shelf and admire as works of art! Do not even look at the cost of these boots, they are the price of a work of art!

Random finds

“With ornamental filigree leaves spiralling naturally up the heel, this Pink Satin Print Eden Ankle Boot with Rose Gold leaves harks back to the beauty and perfection of a lost paradise. As if from an enchanted fairy-tale, entangled in the dense foliage of the forest and claimed by a wandering damsel, the Eden ankle boot is celestial, refined and romantic.”

The Really Intriguing

This random find I think is particularly intriguing.  I always knew you could buy and sell gold and that as a commodity the value would go up and down.  I had no idea you could just buy it, keep or trade it yourself.  You can buy your own gold bars.  How cool is that! “Well Julie, how many gold bars do you have??”  “Oh, you know, just the odd one or two I am saving for a rainy day”

There are a few ways to own gold.  You can just buy it as jewellery to wear or just keep.  Jewellery is usually sold at a premium over the actual cost of the gold and this cost is very rarely achieved should you wish to sell it.

If you are looking at gold as an investment the way forward is to buy coins or bars (you can buy REALLY little ones!) from a reputable source.  Like everything in the world gold can be faked and there are a lot of forgeries out there.  Buy from a recommended trustworthy source or from The Royal Mint in the UK.  The Royal Mint offers numerous options to buy gold from teeny weeny amounts right up to full sized gold bars. It will even store it for you if you wish!

Random Finds

Gold bars

The Royal Mint in the UK. The Royal Mint offers numerous options to buy gold from teeny weeny amounts right up to full sized gold bars. It will even store it for you if you wish! Click To Tweet

I really like the idea of buying a gold coin or little bar as a keepsake gift for a birth, christening, wedding or other special life event.  It is something to keep as an investment for the future.

Should you wish to use gold as an investment The Royal Mint is a great place plus an online site  This online site allows you to buy and sell gold or just keep it as an investment. You can also trade it in a number of currencies. However, Bullion Vault do not send you your gold, it is held in one of their depositories around the world.  It makes fascinating reading!

The Really Unusual

How many ways are there to keep ourselves fit and healthy.  It would seem endless! I used to be an aerobic, water aerobic and Step Reebok instructor in the early 90’s.  Lots of brightly coloured lycra leotards, slouchy socks and huge classes. Since I stopped in around 1993 I have not really taken much interest in gym classes, preferring to play tennis, run or do nothing!

Just recently I have been persuaded to take up going to classes once again at our local gym (pretty swanky place with views from the running machines to die for!).  One class that is not on our fairly comprehensive list, that is to me, mostly incomprehensible, is Hydro Spinning.  Spin class (i have a basic grasp of this concept!) but your bike is in the water! No, really, I have photographic evidence!

Random Finds


As you cycle in the water the massaging effect of the water helps drain the lymphatic system, taking toxins away from the large muscle groups of the legs (think, helping reduce cellulite!).  Then the resistance of the water increases the amount of calories you burn and if you are already at a high fitness level, this calorie burn can be significantly higher than the equivalent class on dry land.

One great advantage I can see is that if you fall off the landing is a lot easier in water than it is on dry land! I have yet to brave a dry land spinning class but maybe if I see one of these Hydro spin classes I may be tempted to try it!

This wonderful article from The Guardian just about sums up this one of my random finds.

Summer is in full flow in the Northern Hemisphere with a heat wave hitting a number of places so to help you keep cool, check the little Amazon Shop for cooling essentials!

Now I shall pack away my fan cooled computer and head out for a Zumba class, another new experience for The really Useful Girl.


Random Things

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