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Can We Squeeze It In??

Small Space Living

Who does Small Space Living? Do you want to do Small Space Living?? It’s not everyones ideal life style. We do it and we love it, we wouldn’t have it any other way.  We have lived in a big house, 3 levels, at least a million bathrooms to clean, miles of stair carpet to hoover, endless windows to clean. Nooooooooo is my answer to that, been there done that, never again! But like I said, tiny is not for everyone but small is king in our world.  But, small brings with it almost as many, but different challenges as big.  There are many issues that need addressing well before small space living runs smoothly.  Theres no just ‘shoving’ it in the spare room, utility room or even stashing things in the garage.  Plus if you are anything like me and a teaspoon left in the sink can bring on a near nervous breakdown then your small space living requires ruthless discipline, organisation and super smart storage solutions.

This is one of my favourite small space solutions as I am always kicking Pepes water bowl, I will have to get The Hubby to build us one like this in our kitchen

Small Space Living


What is your definition of small space living?? Mine is defined by square meters/feet but other people define it by number of rooms.  What seems small to one person may seem big to another.  For example, we think a two bedroom apartment is big but many people would consider that small so its all a matter of perspective.  For us anything around 50 sqm/500 sqft is a perfect size. We have 47 sqm/470sqft which The Hubby (he really should have been an architect!) totally redesigned and managed to fit in two shower rooms. We do have a good useable outdoor space which is a huge bonus for especially because of  the climate we live in.


  • Less use of our precious cash resources
  • Less environmental impact
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Freedom of time from the low maintenance, cleaning and tidying requirements


  • De clutter – This needs a whole blog to itself – coming next!
  • Size matters – measure, measure & measure again, make sure it fits and importantly, is proportional to your space
  • Prioritise – do you need a work space or a dining space?
  • Use every cm/inch of space – think vertically
  • Digitise – vinyl, cd’s & dvd’s are not your friend (I cannot bring myself to add books to this list but you might choose differently)
  • Double duty furniture – is it a table or a storage unit,  is it a sofa or a bed? – it must be both
  • Get rid of the stuff your offspring, friends, parents have got stored in your loft, garage, spare room – you have no room for it! This is one I have yet to totally achieve – I’m looking at you my gorgeous offspring!

One of our most important storage solutions is a Divan Storage Bed, similar to this one. We could just not manage without it. Ours is divided into two halves, mine & The Hubby’s.  Books, knitting equipment, stationery and blog supplies in my half. Tools, tools, and tools in The Hubby’s half.

Small Space Living

If your small space has a staircase why not make use of it. I love this one, it’s a really ingenious use of space. I could see this as a great space to keep books.

Small Space Living

A really imaginative way to create a little dining area in a small space, pull it out of a cupboard. I totally love this one!

Small Space Living

How about this amazing sofa bed? This is a piece of beautiful design engineering brilliance.

Small Space LivingSmall Space Living

You know that kick board under your kitchen cupboards? Well do not waste it, use it.  These space maximising kitchen kick board drawers are available in many kitchen ranges.

Small Space Living

We have friends who also do Small Space Living and friends who could think of nothing worse. It works for us, could you achieve Small Space Living, or do you already live in a small space? Share your storage solutions I would love to read them and share them.


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