Thermal Water Facial Spray

Eau! How Refreshing!

Thermal Water Facial Spray

Are you spritzing your face with a Thermal Water Facial Spray during the day?  No! Well let me see if we can change your misting or lack of misting habits!  I was a little sceptical myself.  Why do i need to buy a can of water to spray on my face?  Surely a quick splash with water from the tap is good enough?  If you just want to cool down, get your hands, sleeves, hair soaked through then yes head to the kitchen/bathroom.  If on the other hand you opt for a cooling (if you keep it in the fridge), soothing and nourishing spritz adding to your face during the day whilst at work, play or travelling you should be considering a Thermal Water Facial Spray.

Living in a dry climate my skin was becoming parched by mid morning, not dry as such but dehydrated.  A daily moisturiser in this climate needs to be as light as possible otherwise my skin feels sticky and yet trying to achieve a balance between an all day moisturised feel, but not greasy, is tricky.  This is where the misting sprays caught my attention.  Not all Thermal Water Facial Spray products are the same.  Some are purely a mineral/thermal water spray.  Some contain essential oils, some extra minerals and so on and it’s not just a case of spray and go, there is technique involved to maximise the benefits.  I am using simple Thermal Water Facial  Sprays, no added extras, just Thermal Water.

Thermal Water Face Spray

What To Use It For??

  1. As a toner – after cleansing, a spray with Thermal Water Facial Spray will act as a perfect toner
  2. To set make-up
  3. A touch up for make-up – spray from around 25cm away from your face and pat gently with a folded tissue and your dewy fresh look will be restored
  4. A recharger of spirits – if you are feeling a bit jaded mid afternoon a quick mist with Thermal Water Facial Spray will wake you up and get you going again
  5. To hydrate skin in a dry/hot climate – outdoors or indoors.  Air conditioned office wreak havoc with the hydration levels in skin, particularly our face. Spray over your face, leave for about a minute and then blot off the excess with a tissue as the excess will evaporate and dry out skin, the opposite of what we are trying to achieve!
  6. To cool you, the kids, the pets, The Hubby, friends, family even strangers! Everyone loves a cool spritz on a hot day! Again though, don’t forget to blot off the excess.

A Really Useful Tip From An Expert

Isabelle Bellis, a French Epidemiologist working in New York suggests we use Thermal Water Facial Spray in a morning instead of cleansing.  She advocates cleansing thoroughly at night then simply using Thermal Water Facial Spray in the mornings to clean and refresh your face.  Her reasoning behind this is that over cleansing your face can strip the naturally occurring good elements in the skins immune system which help fight off bacteria and pollution. The Thermal Water softens skin tissues and allows better penetration of serums and creams.

So, What Is Actually Out There??

I really like the idea that I can use Thermal Water Facial Spray and know exactly what is in it.  Depending where you live, work or play, tap water may contain Chlorine, Fluorine, Aluminium Sulphate and have a mineral content not suitable for your skin type.  The ingredients of Thermal Water Facial Spray are all listed on the packaging.  The mineral content varies between each one, depending on the brand.

For now I am using Facial sprays that are purely just thermal water.  I am going to be trying out some that contain essential oils and other kind to skin ingredients later.

Thermal Water Facial Spay

This is the collection of Facial Sprays I can find here on my Island. Keep reading to see which I ones I like the best!

  • Evian Facial Spray – Hypoallergenic with a neutral PH value (7.2).  It has a very fine misting spray making it absorb quickly into your skin.  The spray from Evain is very fine and light.  As you would expect from Evian its a quality product in nice packaging although it doesn’t leave my skin as soft as the Avene or Vichy.

Find it HERE and HERE

  • La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water – no processing is involved so all it’s natural minerals are present & contains selenium, a powerful antioxidant. It is hypoallergenic, can soothe irritated skin and has an almost neutral PH value.  I do like this one but the spray action is not quite as smooth as some of the others (maybe the one I bought was a little faulty!) I would buy it again if none of my preferred others were available simply because La Roche Posay is always a trustworthy product.

Find it HERE and HERE

  • Avene – Hypoallergenic, rich in Silica and free of preservatives and non comedogenic (will not clog pores), excellent for sensitive skin, it can calm irritated or sunburnt skin (watch this space next week on that subject!).  Avene are famed for their quality of product and this one does not disappoint.  A lovely fine spray and leaves my skin feeling very refreshed and soft.  This is my favourite along with the Vichy.

Find it HERE and HERE.

  • Vichy Thermal Spa – the rare minerals in this pure from Auvergne (France) magma rocks and cannot be replicated by science. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance and preservative free. This has a lovely fine spray action and feels really soft on my skin so I would buy this one anytime.

Find it HERE and HERE

  • Uriage Thermal Water – From Uriage Le Bain in the French Alps this Thermal Water is rich in calcium and magnesium which can help soothe sensitive skin. Packaged at source it is 28c as it arrives at its ground source. I find this has a slight mineral taste to it if you lick your lips after using it so I probably won’t buy this one again.

Find it HERE and HERE

Thermal Water Facial Spray

This is The Avene-Le-Bain Hydrotherapy Centre in the French Languedoc. I would really love to visit here one day.

I keep all my Thermal Water Face Spray cans in the fridge.  I have the large sizes for days at home and pack a handbag size from the fridge when we go out.  Being in a can there is no danger of these leaking as with a plastic bottle and the handbag size ones are all aeroplane hand luggage sized so you can take them onboard in your little plastic bag (much more about that dreaded minuscule plastic bag at a later date!).

Happy spritzing! If you use a Thermal Water Facial Spray share which one you prefer and if you love one that I haven’t mentioned.  I know there are other brands out there, just not available here on my Island!




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